This was my second sci-fi film at weta. Lots of space ships, explosions, special effects, and red capes. I was on Mark Tait's team at weta and we did a lot of black zero sequences, liquid geo (the bead displays), and CG suits of armor. My job was primarily lighting and rendering, with some shader and look dev work thrown in.

One of the hardest parts was rendering the liquid geo bead displays. These were very cool to look at, but super heavy to render. A really fun part was working on the shading and lighting of the phantom drive and doing some concepts to figure out what it looks like when it's running.

I was lucky enough to light and render the shot where Krypton blows up. It was a lot of fun and we had some really sweet fx/shader animation work. My friend Jim Longhurst took over the shot at the end to add the moons, Jens Kafitz did the planet textures, and Florian Hu did the sweet fx work.