LED strip control panel



MOFS Synth control panel



Martin CX4 upgrade

My father needed a very powerful mirror ball light. We happen to have some old Martin CX4s laying around, and some Mac 250 beam kit lenses. I did some optical engineering to collimate the output beam, minimize vignetting, and some mechanical bits to hold the new lens in. I'm quite pleased with the results. They look a little extreme in the photos, but for a 150w arc lamp it did a good job.

Coolant Sprayer

Finally tired of cutting aluminum dry, I built a mister for my cnc machine. There are many systems out there. I chose one with pressurized air and fluid with independent control of both. Air is regulated down to 5-15 psi. The reservoir holds the coolant under pressure. Two solenoid values control air and fluid independently. The mixer head has two needle values for flow control. It works very well for milling, but has some dripping problems I'd like to fix. I also think it could benefit from a better mixing chamber and needle valves that give you finer low end control.

Door sidelite inserts

The lites on the front door were perfectly transparent. While I love looking outside, I'd rather people were not able to see me walk to the kitchen at 3am to get a snack. I used my laser cutter and some 1/4 plywood to solve that problem in a decorative way. Cutting took a lot longer than I thought, probably because 50 watts isn't really enough. However it did illuminate a leak in my exhaust system which I was able to securely fix. The diffusion material is just paper, which is nice and easy to repair.

Buffer Adapter

This was a small project for my father. One of his existing buffing wheels had a very poor adapter on it. I designed, turned, and milled a new one. This was made out of 6061 Aluminum. I used two large set screws with completely flat bottoms to lock onto the flat on the motor shaft. The buffing disk sits on the 60-thou shoulder and is pressed down by the conical washer and bolt. Two wrench flats allow you to hold the adapter while you tighten the bolt. This wasn't a very hard project, but used a lot of metal working skills and I'm happy with the results.